Each year, approximately 12,000 cataract operations will be performed in the four hospital eye trains.  The eye trains do not have the resources to cure the many thousands of cataract sufferers, while the number of new cases developed each year is enormous.  Lifeline Express believes that training and empowering local doctors skills play a key role in sustaining the work of this eye-saving mission.  Therefore, in year 2005, Lifeline Express has set up "Microsurgical Eye Training Centre"in the hospitals in the less developed provinces.

Through the Training Centres, surgical skills of the provincial eye doctors in the less developed provinces will be improved.  The Training Centres will not only provide training in cataract surgery but will also provide a ‘knowledge resources’ for the whole sphere of ophthalmology.  Through tele-medicine training and training website, eye doctors can now gain access to the latest ophthalmic developments and techniques.

The Training Centres have the facilities to train resident doctors and eye doctors in other hospitals within the region.  The target is to develop the Training Centre gradually to be the core training center for the region.  It will also perform eye operations for free for the people in need within the region.


Over the years, Lifeline Express has invited International Ophthalmologists from around the world to train local doctors, demonstrate, give lectures and exchange views on all aspects of up-to-date eye care and surgeries.