Each hospital eye train can only station at a single location for 3 months and then it has to move on to the next stop.  It is impossible for the eye train to treat all the cataract patients because of the limited resources and time. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a “permanent train” to carry on the mission.


Lifeline Express has decided to build a “Cataract Centre” inside each supporting hospital where the local eye doctors are trained, so that we can achieve a sustainable cataract treatment.  These local doctors will board the train to assist and learn the cataract surgery techniques while the train is there.

The training provided to the local eye doctors in the local supporting hospitals are divided into four stages:

  1. Receive intensive lecture for a week in Beijing before boarding the eye train
  2. Internship on the eye train for 3 months
  3. Enhancement course in Beijing for 1 month
  4. Practice under the supervision of the senior eye doctors for about 1 year


Eye doctors will receive assessments and when they have successfully passed the examination, they will work independently at the Cataract Centre of his/her local hospital.